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Institutional Performance Forecasting & Optimization

Data Driven Software Utilizing Machine Learning For Institutional Optimization

Data Science

Tailored Data Analysis tools and Data Visualizations provide in depth bird's eye view of institutional and individual performance

Data Analysis tools extend beyond performance Data Visualizations, accurate institutional and individual performance forecasting is readily availble.

Meticulously engineered attendance system that meets the needs of your educational institution coupled with an intuitive user interface.

Our Smart E-Library allows for teachers to have all their notes, assignments, tests, exams to be stored in the cloud. With the added functionality of being able to share these documents with their students if they desire.

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Our Academic Management System integrates a great deal of the features needed in managing a school and for optimmizing the learning experience for students.

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The future belongs to those that believe in the limitless power of technology and it's applied profound utility in bettering the lives of humanity as a whole. And so, we strive to make technologies that provide the utmost utility for our users. We are dedicated to improving the overall human life expereince.

Equip your administrators and teachers with the tools provided by The Leaph Academic Management System to derive the best performance from your students and improve your institution overall. Help us, help you get the most out of your educational institution.

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