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Leaph in a nutshell

  • M.L

    Leaph makes use of Machine Learning to analyse the data provided by Students, Teachers and Schools. This is so the system can exponentially improve the algorithms that provide vital information to our customers overtime. Leaph™ will aid in identifying the weak students, to caution teachers so they can provide academic help for them.

    What is Machine Learning?
  • Data Bank

    The Leaph™ Data Bank is an encrypted data bank that securely stores user data by using the innovative blockchain technology as a preemptive measure for security. The Data Bank grants users full control over their data with the highest degree of confidentiality. User data is securely stored in the Leaph the Data Bank all the while contributing to Data Science in Education. 

  • Data Mining

    Leaph’s data mining algorithms process raw user data so as to provide useful analytics such as a student performance forecast to members of academia. This helps them to better understand their student and with academic development in mind, teachers can use this data to cater to the students accordingly for optimal results. Leaph produces results with over 87% accuracy, this guarantees Administrators, Teachers, Parents and Students will always get the most out of the Leaph AMS.  

    What is Data Mining?
  • Tools

    We believe technology should be embraced in education because it has the power to revolutionize the way we empower the next generation. We offer unparalleled Education Technology as a result! These tools range from content creation, data analysis and visualizations, interactive learning among others. Our tools are powered by innovative technologies of which include blockchain and distributed systems architecture. With the aid of Data Mining and Machine Learning, this creates fully capable and powerful system. 
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Leaph Dashboard

Clean and Simple.

Leaph is the first Academic Management System to incorporate Machine Learning and Data Science. 

Leaph Features

Data Visualizations

Accurate and interactive charts for your institution's student performance, engagement and study habits derived from our data mining and machine learning algorithms. The charts are equipped with four degrees of customization which range from; per school, per grade, per class and per individual. With these fast, responsive and fully customizable charts for your institutes data visualizations, this translates to a fluid synergy between Leaph and it's users.  

Student Monitoring

Teachers and administrators can keep track of student study habits like how much content they study, what content they study, what content they like, how often they read the content etc. This helps both the teachers and students in showcasing what areas need improvement. It also helps Leaph in making content suggestions for optimal studying eg. a book that helps the student understand a concept they are currently struggling to understand. 

Smart Library

As part of our visions to improve the quality of education, Leaph comes with a smart library. Anyone within the Leaph system can contribute to the library to allow for rich educational content to circulate within the ecosystem. The library consists of an array of books ranging from science, psychology, literature, philosophy etc. Beyond books, notes can be added and past examination papers. Any educational content is welcome into the Leaph ecosystem  

Virtual classrooms

Teachers can upload lectures on Leaph that can be viewed by the students in their classes. This enables the teacher to deliver content regardless of location, in the case of their abscence. They can teach from where ever they see fit, receive & give feedback from to their students instantly. This instant messaging allows the students to establish a deep and rich dialogue with their teachers virtually just as they would in person, enabling perpetuity of education regardless of location.

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About Leaph

A Brighter Future

Leaph is a Academic Management System developed by Leaph Inc. to facilitate students with a universal tool that aids in helping them achieve their desired results. We deliver this service by utilizing Data Science and Machine Learning to perform deep analysis per individual, according to the data provided either by the student, teacher, university and other miscellaneous data. Student data is not only used for analytics but throughout the entire system to allow for data driven applets for all users.

About Leaph

Data Science

Our Data Mining algorithms produce results with unparalleled accuracy


Our data driven student applets optimize academic development


Clean, simple and straight forward User Interface while offering premium tools

What is an AMS?

Answer: An AMS (Academic Management System) is a platform that digitizes the academic journey of a student so as to yield better results for them.