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Student Analysis

Leaph's student analysis tool is trained with datasets from schools worldwide. Likewise, Leaph delivers results on how often a student studies, what content the student likes or how they will perform in preceding tests or exams based on prior ones with a guaranteed accuracy of over 87% + 

Content Creation

Teachers can create content with suggestions from Leaph's Artificial Intelligence on what topics to touch up on. These suggestions are derived from Leaph's data mining algorithms. This tool has two degrees of analysis; per student/s or per class depending on which the teacher desires to cater to. 

Fully Customizable

Teachers and administrators can splice charts to whatever degree they see fit. This is useful for report cards for example, it can be populated with accurate statistics to provide a better analysis tools for the students' parent/s. This is also useful for a deep analysis on the school with respect to administrators.


Blochchain technology provides a high degree of security due to it's transparency and likewise, is core to our ecosystem. Administrators issue out private keys to teachers which allow them to view 1st degree student data though students have more administrative power over their data. Our distributed database is powered by Opes.

Calendar Flexibility

Events and fixtures can all be organized neatly either by an administrator or by Leaph's Machine Learning algorithms for efficient scheduling. With teachers having the ability to schedule their lessons accordingly in synchronization with their students, the learning experience will be far much more fluid and enriched.


Student data is stored and managed in the Leaph™ Data Bank. It is not managed by Leaph but by the individuals that submit it. We believe in individual privacy and empowerment ergo why we implement blockchain technology in our ecosystem to further foster holicracy.

Adaptive Dashboard

Leaph has three dashboards dedicated to administrators, teachers and students each with respective tools for the user. Administrators have the luxury of managing their school/s at their finger tips while getting unprecedented analytics on their school/s. Teachers and students get the same tools roughly with varying levels of administrative power.

Mail Client

Our mail client integrates effortlessly into our ecosystem so as to maximize productivity. All your email addresses can be accessed from one place relieving users of the need to switch between multiple apps for everyday functions.

data mining

Accurate, Precise, Revolutionary.

The advent of technology revolutionized how people communicate, connect, travel, live and now, Leaph is revolutionizing the characteristic that makes us human, our ability to learn. We are providing pristine and powerful tools driven by data science to improve the overall quality of education.

Clean Dashbaord
  • Student Analysis
  • Class Analysis
  • School Analytics
  • Student Engagement
Educational Content
  • Video courses
  • Past exam papers
  • Electronic Textbooks
  • Digital Notes

institutional forecasting
  • Student Performance Forecasting
  • Class Performance Forecasting
  • School Performance Forecasting
  • Segmented Performance Forecasting
  • Teacher-Class Correlation
  • Data Driven Scheduling
  • Teacher-Student Correlation

Data Bank

  • Storage
    Where is your data being stored?

    We have a dedicated Data Bank. This data bank is powered by the Opes distributed supercomputer. Opes offers a vast amount of cloud storage for our data and cloud computing for our data mining algorithms and for our neural network training. Leaph also integrates a distributed database architecture for security reasons.

    We run on the Opes distributed supercomputer for efficiency and convinience though users can opt out and use the Leaph Servers instead if they so wish.

  • Privacy
    Who is viewing your data?

    Ultimate administrative rights are granted to the student or parents/guardians if the student is below the age of 18. While school administrators have access to student data, how ever they wish to use the data is dictated purely between the between the administrators and their students as we incorporate a holocratic management style.

    Administrators have access to analytical data, analysis' and performance charts, anything else beyond this point is established through our consensus tools. 

  • holacracy
    take control over your data

    Holacracy is a method of decentralized management and organizational governance in which authority and decision-making are distributed throughout a holarchy of self-organizing teams rather than being vested in a management hierarchy.  There are a number of reasons we use this structure but mainly because in centralized systems, the owners of the platforms can act as gatekeepers, arbitrarily granting or denying access to users. We believe in user empowerment ergo anyone, anywhere can access our system.   

    Leaph provides a platform for users to distribute their data securely,selectively and for whatever duration on which ever terms the user and the third party agrees on, which is the core use for the holacracy structure.

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