We have one pricing tier as this allows for the utomst utility to educational institutions.

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Per Student

Why Leaph?

Smart Organizing

Events and fixtures can all be organized neatly by an administrator with the assistance of the scheduler for efficient and precise scheduling. With the ability to schedule their lessons accordingly in synchronization with the teacher’s students, the learning experience is far much more fluid and enriched.

Adaptive Dashboard

There is a dashboard for all four user types, administrators, teachers, students and parents. Each with respective tools for the user ranging from, Data Visualisations, School Library, School Disscussions, Eagle Vision, among other features with multi-user functionality.

Eagle Vision

Parents can easily access their child's or children's information via the parent portal. They can keep track of how their children's performance overtime, with access to a performance forecast, homework library and general engagement, and an end-to-end teacher-parent lobby.