A Simple Yet Powerful AMS Integrating The Most Innovative Technology To-Date.

Leaph's Academic Management System

We incorporated industry standard data mining techniques into our platform to perform time-consuming tasks. This allows teachers to focus more on interaction with their students for better student academic development and performance optimization.

The system is data-driven. This allowed for a wide range of useful tools to your school, to be developed such as the automated grading system, smart scheduling, personalized library recommendations and many more. These features utilize this data as a backbone for unprecedented accuracy in an A.M.S! Further more, Leaph integrates Machine Learning so as to allow for the incremental increase in accuracy in the performance analysis' and forecasts over extended periods of usage! Leaph is the best A.M.S currently on the market, and the best choice for your institutional development.

Beyond the student performance analysis' and forecasting, we have a wide range of administrative utility data-driven tools in our system that aid school administrators in running schools more efficiently by providing comprehensive institutional performance data visualizations.

Admin Dashboard

Administrators have more flexibility monitoring the development and progress of the institution, with the ability to add & update school information, assign and deactivate student and teacher accounts, manage school records pertaining to grades, classes, lectures and more. Deep student and overall institutional analysed data will be readily available here and will automatically be updated on regular intervals.

Teacher Dashboard

Equip your teachers with the ability to swiftly view and respond to student questions, post educational content for students to interact with, view student information such as grades and attendance records, overall teacher workload is also calculated and displayed depending on the number of students and classes the teacher is taking, and more.

Student Dashboard

Students are able to view their school records, such as, their attendance, examination results, grades, view personalized class timetables, engage with content in the library, interact with their teachers, receive relevant school updates, as well as a range of other useful features.